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About Us

Radiation Diagnostic Technologies LLC was found in 2014 as a department of Astiag company. After two years of successful operating being a part of Astiag it was decided to establish a separate independent organization. Thus in early 2016 RaDiaTech LLC has  become an independed company.

The companies’ tasks include development and manufacture of unique high-tech equipment, tools and techniques in the area of nondestructive diagnostics which can be used in various fields of industry, energy and science.

The main objective of the company is development and implementation of effective diagnostic equipment, advanced nondestructive testing systems and reliable means of radiation protection.

At the moment the following areas of non-destructive testing and diagnostics are mastered and implemented:

Digital radiography;
X-ray tensometry;
Particle detectors;
Digital X-ray and neutron tomography;
Matrix particle detectors;
Proton profilometry;
X-ray chemical analysis;
X-ray microscopy;
Radiation protection;
Resistant to radiation automated movement and positioning systems.

The company’s employees have many years of experience in the field of radiation technologies and take an active part in scientific conferences aimed at global development, implementation and promotion of innovative equipment. The results of the work are reflected not only in the high-tech equipment, but also in the global research, popular scientific articles, patents, etc.

The company provides a full cycle creation of diagnostic equipment for recording and radiation emission analysis such as X-ray, gamma, proton, neutron, etc. We develop methodologies and create manuals, provide expertise and other type of services in the field of non-destructive testing. The company handles a big variety of tasks and requirements for the customers.

We would be glad to cooperate with your company.

“RaDiaTech» Team

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Our Team

генеральный директор РаДиаТех
Dr. Sergey  Kos’yanenko

General Manager

Мирошниченко И.В.
Igor Miroschnichenko

Technical Director

Oksana Miroschnichenko

Business Development Manager

Irina Chernyavskaya

Chief Accountant

Anton Ignatev


Oleg Konstantinov


Ildar Saitov


Mihail Tetervin