ISO 9001

Made in Russian Federation

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Unique Equipment

for Non-Destructive Testing

Diagnostic Technologies


Digital Radiography

Portable radiometric filmless automated system “BARS” and flat panel detectors “BeRKUT” are designed for digital X-ray quality control of welded joints and metal ctructures in real time.  It can be used in the industrial, construction and other objects.


Рентгеновская тензометрия НЕРКА

X-Ray Tensometry

Portable X-ray equipment allows to determine residual and mechanical stresses of the various parts and structures‘ surfaces in the process of their manufacture and operation. Prescribed direction may be set during the tensometry process.


Детекторы элементарных частиц

Particle Detectors

Detectors allow to register the elementary particles or ionizing radiation quanta, determine the coordinates of their insertion on the detector surface as well as measure the temporal and quantitative parameters.


Компьютерная рентгеновская и нейтронная томография

X-Ray and Neutron Tomography

The detection system is able to capture not only warm or cold neutrons, but is also sensitive to X-rays, which makes it a universal installation for X-ray and neutron tomography.


Рентгеновский контроль пищевой продукции

X-Ray control of food products

The most effective method of detection of foreign inclusions in the food industry, as well as evaluation of the geometric parameters and the degree of filling of the product in a closed package.