Filmless automated X-ray system BARS for welded joints control

Automated filmless X-ray system BARS has a highly-sensitive digital detector allowing to inspect welded joints quickly efficiently and safely.  A much smaller energy X-ray radiation is needed to visualize the image using our system. Less weight and size of x-ray source, less radiation load make the system very useful, practical and easy to operate.

Field of use

The system is aimed for radiographic inspections of welded joints in pipes 10-1420 mm, oil tanks and any other objects with welded joints. The system is digital, no film is needed for control. The results appear at laptop in real time. Inspection may be done both by one wall and double wall methods. The system may be used at the stage of pipeline construction, operation and maintenance. Hot surface can be controlled, so you may control the pipe right after welding is done.


The BARS system description

The device consists of the following parts:

  • Carriage with the detector module, total weight is 7 kg.;
  • Power source and control unit 24V DC (20A capacity/h) total weight is 14 kg.;
  • A laptop with software and remote control up to 100 m operated through Wi-Fi.

X-ray tube of any type can be used as the source of radiation.

Main characteristics

  • Images conform to sensibilities class B ISO 17636-2:2013;
  • The speed of control is 1 m/min and depends on the exposure time of one shot;
  • Reduced radiation load;
  • The system is operated bi Wi-Fi from up to 100 meters;
  • Suitable to control pipes of diameter 10-1420 mm with wall thickness of 50 mm;
  • Temperature range of work from -40º to +45º Celsius.
  • Inspection time can be shortened twice in case of using two devices at the same time on the pipes of large diameters;
  • Signal goes directly to laptop and show the result in a real time mode.;
  • In case of receiving a defective x-ray image scanning can be repeated without leaving the working place;
  • The system is digital, no film is needed ( as well as chemicals and other materials, etc.);
  • No accessories (developing machine, scanner, etc);

The BARS system software

Using a special kind of software operator has the opportunity to do the following:

  • Automatically determines the parameters of the x-ray tube in relation to a particular task;
  • Receives the resulting image and analyze it;
  • Performs image processing for best picture quality;
  • Repeats the operation in real time if needed by scanning with modified parameters of the x-ray source;
  • Measures linear defects from 150 microns; create a decryption of images and automatically generate the report in accordance with the selected protocol;
  • Subtracts the background illumination in conditions of high radiation background (e.g. in the active zone of the nuclear power plant);
  • Summarizes the image X-rayed on different energies to obtain the most informative and detailed picture;

Detector module

The detector used in the BARS system has a greater sensitivity to X-rays and a good ratio of signal to noise.

All the above allows:

  • to use approximately 50% less anode voltage at the same resolution in comparison with classic radiographic method;
  • to reduce the radiation load on the environment;
  • to use x-ray tube of smaller capacity and accordingly smaller dimensions, lower weight and power consumption;
  • to x-ray the material of  bigger wall thickness with the same x-ray tube voltage.

Preferential characteristics

  • Reduced radiation load can decrease the radius of the safe zone and thus reduce the time of installation until the start of testing;
  • It is also possible to shorten the x-ray inspection time twice in case of using two BARS units at the same time on the pipes of large diameters;
  • It is possible to perform automated scanning of pipes by frontal methodin case of replacing the detector module in the x-ray source on the second carriage of the automated handling and positioning;
  • Processing and assessing x-ray image of the weld can be operated in real time;
  • In case of receiving a defective x-ray image scanning with the changed operation mode on the x-ray tube can be repeated without leaving the working place;
  • Reduction of the x-ray source cost is possible by reducing its maximum anode voltage;
  • The complete lack of consumables (film, chemicals, etc.);
  • No accessories (developing machine, scanner, etc);
  • No need for specialized laboratories to conduct transactions via the photochemical treatment;
  • No need in a dry and cool space for the archive;
  • During the transition from pictures to x-ray film images to a digital BARS system you may save approximately  3 million rubles for each 1 000 pictures of tubes ø 1420 mm. The system is repaid in less than 1 year of work in standard mode.

Main parameters and characteristics

Technical characteristics and functional indicators

The name of indicators Value
The size of the active area of the detector 100х50 mm
Resolution (according to the Duplex standard) 4 p.l./mm (130 um)
Pixel pitch 100 um
Energy range 50-250kV
ADC resolution 14 bit
Dynamic Range 86 dB
Scintillator afterglow after 100 ms from 0,7 to 1,5%
Maximum frame rate at 1024х512 px frame size 1 fps
Operating temperature range, ° С from -40 to +45
Attractive force of 4-steel wheels with neodymium magnets up to 160 kgf
Scanning speed (with an exposure time of one frame of 1 s and a frame overlap area of 10 mm) 1 m / min
Electrical power parameters of electrical equipment:  
– AC voltage 220±22 V
– frequency of alternating current 50±1 Hz
Supply voltage at constant current 24 V
Consumption current without X-ray machine up to 4 A
Battery type LiFePO4
Battery charge time 2 h
Preparation time for work 5 min
Time of installation on the object of control 1 min
Continuous operation time without X-ray machine  up to 5 h
Communication with a computer Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11

Metrological characteristics

The name of indicators Value
Range of measuring of linear dimensions of defects from 0,2 to 40,0 mm
Limits of the permissible absolute error of measurements of linear dimensions ±0,15 mm
Image quality classes by ISO 10893-7 B

Dimensions and weight

The name of the components of the “BARS” system Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight, kg
Detector module 200 100 120 2 8,5
Automated movement and positioning carriage with magnetic wheels 370 240 185 6,5
Control and power unit with charger and connecting cable 440 350 260 12
Portable computer with the installed software “BARS” 380 250 40 3
Control sample 40 20 1,4 0,008

Рентгеновский снимок сварного шва. Цифровая радиография


Information about BARS can be found in this document (PDF, 500 KB)