Neutron tomography

For obtaining images of various objects it is possible to use ionizing radiation. It is possible to obtain information both on an external form of an object, and on its internal structure. In the modern world x-ray radiation is widely used: with its help control the baggage taken by passengers, investigate a condition of bones and internals of the person. However, the neutron tomography is also the powerful tool of a research of internal structure of objects. In comparison with X-ray, neutron radiation is characterized by deeper penetration in the studied samples that allows to obtain information on objects which research by means of x-ray radiation is difficult. Thanks to the fact that the neutron has no charge this particle interacts not with an electron shell, and with kernels of elements of which the studied object consists. It gives advantages in studying of the materials consisting at the same time both of easy elements and from heavy metals.

Томограф РаДиаТех
Томограф "РаДиаТех"

The installation consists of:

  • Detecting carriage with linear detectors
  • Linear movement unit under neutron protection
  • Power supply
  • Remote control devices
  • Tomograph software for carriage control

How it works

Two linear scintillation detectors  move on the carriage and register neutron radiation passing through the object . The signal for the beginning of the data collection is the rising edge of the sync pulse. Using the software, the operator has the opportunity to adjust the accumulation time, the number of pictures and the delay after the arrival of the sync pulse.

Application area

The  neutron tomograph is used for a detailed research of the structure of objects through a change of intensity of the neutron beam passing through the components with different chemical composition. This device can considerably improve the research using neutron radiography.