Demonstration of the BARS system at Chernomorneftegaz

BARS in «Chernomorneftegaz»

In the period from November 28 to 30, 2017, a working trip of a group of specialists of the company «RaDiaTech», headed by the General Director, took place in the Republic of Crimea, the purpose of which was to demonstrate the work and capabilities of the «BARS» system at the control objects of the main gas pipeline.

The object of the visit of our specialists was the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Chernomorneftegaz», whose main activity is to provide the population of the Republic of Crimea with natural gas, gas condensate and oil.

The representatives of the «RaDiaTech» company met with the head of the Special Works Department, the chief engineer and the head of the laboratory of non-destructive testing of «Chernomorneftegaz». Our specialists visited the welding shop at one of the facilities of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Chernomorneftegaz» in the port of «Chernomorskoye», where they demonstrated the operation of the «BARS» system during the radiographic inspection of the KSS pipe with a diameter of 325 mm with a wall thickness of 16 mm when scanning through two walls («frontal» method), as well as the frontal method enlightened a pipe with a diameter of 530 with a wall thickness of 16 mm by the method of multiple exposures. As a result of the tests, digital radiographic images of the girth welded joint were obtained, corresponding to the 1st class of sensitivity in accordance with GOST 7512-82.

The management of Chernomorneftegaz was completely satisfied with the test results of the BARS system and expressed a desire in 2018 to replenish the material and technical base of the mobile non-destructive testing laboratory with this installation.

I would like to note the warm and cordial welcome of our group by the management of the Office and the staff of the non-destructive testing laboratory.