The RaDiaTech company attended the 16th International Forum on Industrial Safety

The RadiaTech company attended the 16th International Forum on Industrial Safety, held in St. Petersburg from 5 to 8 June 2018 at the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center.

The main topics of the Forum-2018 are «Trends and development prospects in the field of protection and ensuring safe working conditions.» The company «RadiaTech» visited the forum with a report and a proposal to switch from old and ineffective from the point of view of radiation load on personnel methods of conducting radiographic quality control of welded joints at the construction sites of main pipelines.

The proposal in the report assumes the use of new modern control systems and equipment with a highly sensitive digital detector module that converts X-ray quanta arriving at it, and thereby allows narrowly collimating the exit window for X-ray sources used for radiographic inspection of pipeline welded joints. Digital systems will be able to significantly reduce the radiation load on personnel. This effect can be achieved when using the BARS system manufactured by our company, which allows not only obtaining ready-made images in real time, but also as safely as possible to control the quality of welded joints of main pipelines at construction and repair facilities, which increases the level of safety of working conditions.