Working trip to the laboratory of NK PJSC «Surgutneftegas»

Working trip to the non-destructive testing laboratory of PJSC «Surgutneftegas»

On May 25 and 26, 2017, a working trip of the specialists of the company «RaDiaTech» to the city of Surgut to the production service base of the UPTK SMT-2 of OJSC «Surgutneftegas» took place.

The purpose of this trip was to conduct demonstration tests of the filmless automated X-ray system «BARS», during which radiographic control of welded joints of pipes of various diameters was carried out during frontal scanning of the test object (through 2 walls); study of the conditions for carrying out radiographic control at this facility, acquaintance with the opinions and wishes of the specialists of the non-destructive testing laboratory to improve the quality of work.

The work resulted in positive results and feedback from representatives of the facility of OJSC «Surgutneftegas» on the operation of the equipment.